1 Embryonic polarity2

Robust developmental patterning

Development of multicellular organisms is dictated by cell-cell interactions mediated by conserved signaling pathways. A key challenge encountered by these pathways is to generate reproducible patterns, despite fluctuations in the doses of the signaling components, which commonly occur due to genetic and environmental alterations.
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Fusion of muscle cells, formation and maintenance of sarcomeres

During the initial stages of Drosophila Indirect Flight Muscle (IFM) development, myoblasts migrate from the wing imaginal disc towards a persistent set of myotubes, with which they fuse.
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Vesicle actin coats in secretion: Formation and function

Some exocrine systems require exertion of active forces to mediate secretory vesicle content release at late stages of exocytosis. A universal feature of such systems is formation of an actin coat around each vesicle, which is thought to facilitate the force necessary to complete the process of vesicle secretion.
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